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Glenn Horowitz Bookselle, John McWhinnie Gallery



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GLENN HOROWITZ BOOKSELLE, JOHN MCWINNIE GALLERY | 40pages | Hard Cover | 370x285mm | 9780982074763 | 2009

Mats Gustafsson is a Swedish painter. The poems by William B. Yeats that accompany this book and the drawings by Mats, who has also provided illustrations for Dior and Hermès, have a certain mode flavor. Open this book at night, when people are asleep , and feel the silence and relief. The dedication to her parents also brings tears to my eyes. This is a very beautiful book that you will want to keep by your side for the rest of your life.
Muts Gustafson, a painter from Sweden. The poem of William B. Jaetz attached to this book, and the paintings of Mats, who have also provided illustrations to Dior and Hermes, have a mode scent.。 Open this book on the night when people are asleep and feel silence and relief. Tears overflow in the passage of dedicated to his parents. A very beautiful book that you want to keep on the side of your life. Shun OKUBO
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