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Holy | Holy | △ | Bangle | Silver | M | φ3.0mm

Holy | Holy | △ | Bangle | Silver | M | φ3.0mm

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Bangle | Sterling Silver | M | Inner diameter: Approximately 52mm x 45mm, length (from end to end): about 15cm | φ3.0mm

Bangle using a triangular line with a diameter of about 3 mm. Because it is not cast, there is no air bubbles made during general bangle casting, and the surface is as beautiful as a mirror. It is a high -quality bangle with high strength and "tension" because it is made from bullion. The design of the triangular horns faces downward, so the area that touches the skin is small and the jewelry is less dirty due to sweat. The surface is flat, and the beauty of the items peculiar to items made by drawing bullion stands further. At first glance, it looks like a square line bangle, but if you look closely, the silhouette is inside the inside, and it is a design that looks like a model.
* M size is about 17cm in length. S is about minus 5mm, and L is about 5mm, which is based on the M silhouette. Please contact us as we can make more than these sizes below. The same price for S, M, L.

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